Being Green²


“Is it true HYGIA can help our hospital make a positive impact on the environment and still save us money?”

Yes. Exponentially.

Saving Money While Going Green

HYGIA has saved customers and their communities millions of pounds of waste while simultaneously saving them millions of dollars. These days, everyone wants and needs to be more “green.” Our customers earn that distinction while receiving some $green$ back in return.

Before HYGIA, hospitals threw away large volumes of essential clinical commodities (ECCs) every minute of every day, creating enormous waste and disposal costs. Using our high quality, FDA cleared processes we transform these essential items into new, medically safe, reusable items. Every single item is individually inspected with an astounding (and documented) quality record of only 2 defects per 1,000,000 items—a record any manufacturer would love to have. 

How is Hygia Different?

HYGIA is unlike manufacturers or other reprocessors who do not understand ECCs or the opportunity cost they create by not properly managing the high volume of these objects found throughout a hospital. Furthermore, our FDA approved, tested, and verified processes avoid using harmful chemicals.

HYGIA saves millions of items from adding to landfills and even buys items from hospitals that are only prepared to partially commit to better ECC management through the Greenstart Donor Program.

136 hospitals across this US have become green² and are now reaping the benefits of more financially and environmentally economical business. It is time for you to join them. Contact us today.

  • We have had great success with our reprocessing program. Our savings every month is significant and since our HYGIA sales representatives spent several days in our new facility educating and making accommodations to the bin locations we have increased the number of units being recovered and our savings by 60%. Thank you!

    Kamy C. Leeret, Supply Chain Manager
    University of Colorado Hospital
    Aurora, CO