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  • Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars a Year While Making Your Hospital Environmentally Friendly.

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  • Why Be “Green,” When You Can Be Green²

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  • Essential Clinical Commodity Savings Multiplication and Management (EC²M²)



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  • What Makes
    HYGIA So Different?

    Top 10 Reasons

HYGIA’s essential clinical commodity program manages, maximizes and multiplies the savings and “green” impact for hospitals across the country.

HYGIA delivers highly specialized, FDA approved expert services, featuring extreme quality reprocessing and savings multiplication solutions for high volume essential clinical commodities such as blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, ECG leads, infusor bags, masks, adult/infant sensor probes, blood flow leg sleeves, cerebral somatic sensors, all types of splints, bed alarms, tourniquets, bed alarms, and cubicle curtains to name a few.

  • HYGIA has collectively saved  
    customers enough
    money for 3 million
    billable nursing hours.

  • When placed end-to-end, the waste displaced by HYGIA stretches the distance from NYC to LA 4.5 times.

  • HYGIA has displaced the  
    weight equivalent to 583 SUVs
    from entering landfills.

  • HYGIA has saved customers 
    the equivalent of 4.2 million days
    of health care costs for
    the average American.

  • I highly recommend HYGIA to my peers. Our implementation was, by far, the easiest. HYGIA representatives took responsibility for making this work well and we were highly successful. This is one of the few projects that has low clinical sensitivity, high ease of implementation, and large savings. As an added benefit, this is a guaranteed successful H2E (Green) project.

    Jeff Purvis RN, MS, MBA, Director of Nursing Business Operations
    Baltimore Washington Medical Center
    Baltimore, MD

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